Seven Mile Beach in the Cayman Islands

Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman

The Cayman Islands are famed for their beauty, and there are certainly a lot of things to do and see while you are vacationing there. One of these locations is Seven Mile Beach. In this article, we will talk about this beach, and what makes it a fantastic destination to visit.

Seven Mile Beach is located on the western end of the Grand Cayman island, and it is made up of lovely coral sand. It has been called one of the best beaches in the Caribbean, and if you enjoy getting sun and playing in sand, you don’t want to miss it. The beach is public property, as are all of the beaches that are located within the Cayman Islands, so if you are up for it, you can explore the entire length of it if this suits you.

If you are interested in visiting a resort or hotel, you have the opportunity to stay in one that is located on Seven Mile Beach. Despite the name of the beach, it is just over six miles in length, and every bit of it displays Caribbean beauty. Any resort you stay with during your trip will thrill and please you.

Along Seven Mile Beach, there are restaurants and bars open to the public, so if you and the family get hungry, you don’t have to venture very far to purchase a delicious meal or a refreshing drink. Another activity that you can engage in is snorkeling. The beach has a few reefs that are located offshore, that provide excellent snorkeling opportunities for those who love to explore the waters.

What else can you expect from your visit to Seven Mile Beach? The waters are beautiful and blue, and if you like to swim, you can cool off from the sun within them. A day spent at this beach will thrill and excite you, as well as provide an opportunity for the whole family to unwind and enjoy some fun in the sun. You can even build some fantastic sand castles with the kids.

If you are particularly adventurous, you can enjoy boating, parasailing, and more. Once your thirst for exploration and fun has been quenched, enjoy a picnic or a game of volleyball on the beach, and watch the beautiful sunset roll in.

One tourist location that brings in lots of visitors is Stingray City, which is full of the marine animals it is named for. Not only can you snorkel in these waters, and witness the stingrays, interaction is possible with them as well. Once you travel back to your home, you can share stories with your friends about how you got to pet a stingray!

If you enjoy shopping, and other activities while you are on vacation, you can enjoy the stores that line Seven Mile Beach, and find some fantastic souvenirs for your loved ones back home. Close by Seven Mile Beach is Georgetown, the capital of the Cayman Islands, as well as the Cayman Turtle Farm. No matter what each member of the family likes to do on vacation, Seven Mile Beach has it all.

In conclusion, the Cayman Islands is a beautiful destination for those looking for an incredible vacation. When planning your itinerary, be sure to carve out a day or two to enjoy everything that Seven Mile Beach has to offer. Swim with stingrays, enjoy snorkeling and parasailing, and fill your belly with yummy Caribbean food and drink. Get your exercise by walking the length of the beach, and get a tan while you build a wonderful sand castle. You will be sure to never forget the fun you have while at this beach. Enjoy!

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