Discover A Bioluminescent Beach In Grand Cayman

Have you seen a beach that glows just like the stars at night? Are you ready to explore one of the most unusual magics of nature? Bioluminescent beaches will leave you in awe of their beauty. Seeing this phenomenon is something that you’d want to witness even for just once in your life. If you are ready to know more about this astounding magic in the shores, just take a deep breath and prepare to pack your bags to behold it in Grand Cayman Bioluminescent beaches.

Planktons are sea creatures that are responsible for this bioluminescent spell that everyone is going crazy about today. These little creatures evolve and glow in a blue color to distract predators that can threaten them. Bioluminescent appear in different parts of the world but is most visible when there is less moonlight. Breathtaking pictures captured around the world shows just how beautiful these planktons become at the night time sea. They’re so sensational that it seems like they are stars that fell out of the sky.

There are several places where bioluminescence is mostly present, and that is in Maldives, Puerto Rico, and San Diego. However, if you want to go somewhere more adventurous, less crowded, and has a Caribbean experience, Grand Cayman has a handful of beaches that can accommodate you and give you a bioluminescence tour.

Grand Cayman maybe a small island compared to others but it is a haven for people who want to enjoy the Caribbean Sea There are a lot of activities that you can do in Grand Cayman, and Bio tours are just some of them. Beach resorts often offer kayaking at night to see the bioluminescent bay, but if you’re not good at paddling, there are boat tours for you as well. These boats and kayaks are perfectly designed to accommodate bioluminescent tours and let the visitors enjoy the glowing waters.

What Should I Know About Bioluminescent Beaches?

After knowing all about bioluminescent beaches and where to find them, you are now probably so excited to see and experience it for yourself. So, here are some facts that you should know about bioluminescent beaches especially if you’re planning to surf in one.

There have been lots of people who already got to surf at night in these glowing waves, and the result is stunning. These surfers looked like they are surfing with the stars at night. However, according to experts, it is unpredictable whether how long bioluminescence can last.

 There are factors like powerful winds and large currents that can draw them away from you. The Cayman Islands has a very unique Bio Bay. The bay is man-made and has companies offering tours. The best company is one called George’s Watersports. So if you badly want to surf or kayak with these living organisms in the ocean, you ought to ask an expert or a local in the beach because they’ll probably know if those magical lights are going to appear at night.

The appearance of bioluminescence in bays and beaches are likely a sign of a healthy algal bloom If you ever get the chance to see one, do not worry because swimming or surfing in the sea with them does not harm them at all. Experts believe that this algal bloom is healthy for the ocean because it means that the water currents from the deeper surface of the sea are coming up to the surface. But, it is also important that it could not always mean the same thing for bay because of the stagnant waters.

Bioluminescent beaches around the world are a sight to behold, and they are one of the most beautiful events that we can see in nature. If you want to experience this remarkable occurrence, head now to Grand Cayman to see one of the best bioluminescent beaches in the world.

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